How mobiSHADES works

Step 1Step 2

1. Take a self-portrait

Simply take a self-portrait with any camera-enabled mobile phone.

2. Send it to

Send the image of yourself to as MMS or E-mail.

Step 3Step 4

3. Select different sunglass options

mobiSHADES then directs you to a web address where you can select different sunglass options.

4. Receive shades on your face picture

With just a few clicks, mobiSHADES returns custom images displaying the selected sunglass styles positioned on your facial image.

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Introducing mobiSHADES

mobiSHADES: Personal, On-the-Go Fashion Eyewear Display for Mobile Devices


Mobius image recognition software has developed mobiSHADES: a new mobile phone application that allows customers to “try on” different styles of designer sunglasses at anytime, anywhere that wireless phone service is available. Mobius image recognition software has been used worldwide in a variety of mobile applications from advertising to food security, and mobiSHADES is the latest development application for the technology.


mobiSHADES is easy to use, fun and appeals to today’s younger, mobile-savvy customers.

Users simply take a self-portrait with any camera-enabled mobile phone and send it to mobiSHADES then directs users to a web address where they can select different sunglass options. With just a few clicks, mobiSHADES returns custom images displaying the selected sunglass styles positioned on the user’s facial image.


While the MobiSHADES application is remarkable in its ability to immediately show users how they look in a particular style of sunglass, that’s just the beginning. mobiSHADES helps customers make purchasing decisions by allowing them to post images on social media platforms where they can ask friends to vote for the style that looks best on them. Friends can join in and try new styles too.


mobiSHADES also offers quick-purchase and secure transaction features. Once a user registers with mobiSHADES, a unique image is associated with that user’s account. To confirm a purchase and make a secure payment, the unique image is requested from the user. When the image is returned to MobiSHADES payment can be made and the purchase is completed.


Once a user completes their first mobiSHADES experience, a manufacturer can reach out to that customer again and again with special offers or other brand information.


  • mobiSHADES secure severs track all interactions and provide detailed records and billing services.
  • Consumer data-mining and related demographic/geographic information can be tracked.
  • Manufacturers can maintain post-sale relationships with customers with a variety of marketing messages.
  • On the go: anyone can try mobiSHADES via their phone, wherever they are. No computer or internet connection is required.
  • No specialized equipment is required, from manufacturer to consumer.
  • If desired, consumers can also use a home computer to try on sunglasses with mobiSHADES.
  • Multilingual: responses are in primary language of the country of request.
  • mobiSHADES works across all carriers and all camera cell phones, and requires no software downloads.


Cost of entry and follow-up costs for mobiSHADES are simple and economical.

  • The consumer pays nothing for the service (above their own cell phone charges).
  • A manufacturer that subscribes to mobiSHADES pays an initial installation and setup fee. Afterwards, a nominal transaction fee is charged based on the number of consumer interactions, notices, or marketing messages issued.