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Today billions and billions of dollars are lost everyday through missed engagement opportunities. Opportunities to sell, educate, support and communicate are missed. Each of these missed opportunities leads to a direct loss of revenue, an increase in cost.
We are the solution...

Meet Mobile Enterprise Engagement Technologies

MEET with your customers anywhere, anytime they need you. With our MEET we optimise each connection between you and your customers. We allow a customer watching tv, driving in a car, reading a magazine, shopping to engage with you. and respond to your customers when, how and where they need you.  Our  EET's increase value, reduce costs, save time and decrease risk in all areas where applied. 

One Optimised Natural Engagement

ONE touch, at the right time, can change a relationship with your customer. Using ONE we allow objects or people to communicate with each other using natural or preferred behaviours. These behaviours can be active or passive. Engagement can occur by simply pressing a break pedal, reading a sign, standing in a room, picking up a box, photographing a part, walking by a guard stand, typing on a computer or sending a text. We don't change what you do, we don't change what your customers do. We just allow you to connect in new natural ways.

Art Adaptive Response Technologies

Knowing how and when to communicate is a work of ART. Using ART we analyse all the information about the customer, the engagement and adapt a response to optimise the engagement. ART can trigger any response required. These responses can be subtle or dramatic. Messages can be sent,  screens modified, content can be delivered or physical triggers can be deployed. Responses are adapted to location, individual, groups, locations, objects or any other criteria specified to optimise the information transfer.

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Reach your target
demographic audience
with ease on mobile

Nothing to install, nothing to download, works on all cell phones and all carriers globally. Everyone already has everything they need to get started and it's their cell phone.


Mobius provides advertisers with the ability to engage with both mass and targeted audiences at many touch points throughout the day.


Mobius image recognition technology can provide Mobius with a new platform technology of direct consumer engagement.


Mobius identifies the image the consumer texts and replies to their phone with a visual text message link. Then, they are asked to "Opt in" and "Join the Experience." Once they do they are engaged; we are ready to go! We now have their phone contact information in our database and we can communicate with them now or at any time with videos, promotions, music or merchandise offers.

Direct interactive communication with customers!

Motivate people with an offer to take a picture with their mobile phone of an object in an Mobius advitersiers add. It can be anything included in the actual product or its advertisement, such as a logo or picture.

Ask them to text it to Mobius at to take part in an offer or get a coupon.

What you get from us?



If you can see it, mobius can too.

MEET Mobius enables engagement opportunities between everything and everyone from everywhere.

Mobius records the engagement, capturing the customers mobile profile, recognises the content and delivers an adaptive response maximizing the value of each touch.

Mobius connects the disconnected. Advertising, packaging, products, labels, logos, buildings, people and anything that can be photographed or recorded is Mobius ready.

Mobius provides an engagement opportunity anytime someone sees, hears or thinks about your organisation.

Mobius delivers the lowest cost, highest value engagement than any other method available

We have partnered with some well known brands and cooperated in lots of successful campaigns

about campaign Got milk?
about campaign Playboy

Playboy Magazine Features Mobius Mobile Image Recognition Technology in its January 2011 Issue

Innovative Technology Powers New Playboy Fragrance for Men Ad Campaign

Mobius© image recognition technology for mobile devices is part of an innovative, new ad campaign for Playboy's stylish Fragrance for Men by Coty Beauty in the magazine's January 2011 issue.

Mobile phone users who take a photo of any of the twelve 2010 Playboy Playmates featured in the ad and send it to will receive access to exclusive, premium images and videos. In addition, users will be able to make secure mobile purchases of Coty's line of Playboy Fragrance for Men.

Mobius' mobile image recognition technology has several features which make it well suited for the Playboy Fragrance for Men by Coty ad campaign. First, Mobius mobile image recognition technology allows users to capture and retain an actual image of their favorite Playmates, as opposed to capturing a bar code or abstracted graphic as required by other mobile image recognition service providers. Because of this actual-image capability, Mobius does not interfere or restrict creative services for ad design, and the end user captures a meaningful, shareable, branded image instead of an abstraction.

"We are excited to have this opportunity to partner with Playboy and Coty Beauty in introducing the next big thing in unobstructed visual mobile marketing," said Aram Kovach, CEO of Mobius. "Mobius image recognition technology lets brands retain their focus on the subject matter, in this case Playboy's 2010 Playmates, and the creative is not cluttered with a code that diverts attention from the ad content. Mobius servers also make sure that we return the best quality images that a user's particular phone can handle."

"Playboy Fragrance for Men is all about seduction, glamour, indulgence and fun and thus forms a natural partnership with Mobius. The inventive, forward thinking promotion is a great opportunity to directly target our core audience of young, trendy men and make a memorable impression on today's tech-savvy consumer. We look forward to a successful partnership and to furthering the impressive growth of Coty Beauty's iconic lifestyle power brand in the US," remarked Jurgen Scharfenstein, senior vice president of marketing for Coty Beauty Lifestyle fragrances.

about campaign CocaCola

Smart interactions, randomized reward codes and coupon redeem options offered at public venue.

about campaign Pennington Seed

Since Pennington Ultimate Grass Seed was launched with the mobile promotion, Riney says the brand has been very suc-cessful. "Consumers love the extra info on their cell phone," she says. "Mobile marketing is in its infancy, but it's growing exponentially." - PW

about campaign Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert at the 57th Grammy Awards

about campaign Ryan's Guardian Angels

We have developed an Android application that is able to detect accidents and notify relatives and friends.

A smart algorithm keeps an eye on you and your environment. When the app is running on your smartphone, it will continuously monitor your location, movement speed, forces of acceleration and various data from other sensors. We use that information to detect situations that would indicate that you were in an accident. Your last known location and other vital information is sent to your angels, who can call you and notify first responders if you don't answer.

Grief never ends... but it changes. It's passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith. It is the price of love.

Mobius adapts as it learns to see.

It can work in low light and bad conditions

mobius_practice_preview All correctly recognized during the „got milk" campaign

We can control everybody's cell phone screen in unison for some really cool light show effects.

We can send back a video. Direct them to an order page or ask them to choose an encore song.

Solution Samples Mobius provides an engagement opportunity anytime someone sees, hears or thinks about your organization.
Mobius - Brand Extension Mobile Engagement Solution

Anything that can be photograph or recorded can become interactive with Mobius

CBN- Digital content broadcast and display

CBN central manages the script and digital files for delivery to the CBN player for localised delivery on any type of display

Visual Recognition Response Unit

Identifies demographic data from live or captured video for measurement or real time adaptation of engagement response


A complete system to deliver human and camera phone readable tag that contains specialized features to prevent duplication and source tracking